I'm currently running on a Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 1 and my CD-Drive doesn't seem to close itself. It will open on it's own, most of the time, but when it does do that it won't close itself. But that's not my main concern. My main concern is how can I get to my Disc I'm trying to play (Warcraft 3) if it won't read it? Do I have to take it into a local store such as Best Buy or what not? Thanks in advance! :)

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Err, maybe I should make this more clear. My CD-Drive isn't working as most of you may know from reading this thread. I'm just putting that out there that I want to know if I can fix it or if there is any possible way to get to my CD Drive Discs without it reading.


I want to know if I can fix it or if there is any possible way to get to my CD Drive Discs without it reading.

May not be worth your time to fix it since you can get a good quality replacement for under $20...

-- As for getting the disc out, look for a tiny hole on the front of the drive, to the left of the led.
Unbend a paperclip and stick it in there to open the drive - you'll have to push a little to move it.

Cheers :)

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Well, maybe I should put this in the post also, but. The only reason I'm on such an old computer is because my other one's hard drive crashed. I took it to geek squad an they told me it'd be about roughly 300 dollars. Wouldn't want to waste money on this kind of computer for replacements.


$300 seems extortionate for a crashed hard drive. Get a second opinion from somewhere else!

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Geek squad is a ripp off ,first they charge 1 hrs labour to diagnose the problem ,even though they already know its a dead hdd.they charge labour to install the hdd,[takes about 2 min ]then charge about 2 hrs labour to install windows '
i don't know where you live but there must be small computer repair shop somewhere near by ,
most small shops where i live could do it for about 65.00 for hdd ,and 50.00 to install your windows back on it , total 115.00cdn

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