This only happens when I send out my newsletter pages that I've loaded into my browser. The box says that there is a problem. Internet explorer has stopped running. When I first got this message af few weeks ago it mentioned that an add on was preventing IE to work. Now it doesn't say that. Windows tech has some notes but no solution is available. Someone said that Skype was the problem. I've disabled it but still same problem. Does anybody know more about this? Fortunately, my IE doesn't shut down completely. I am running 2010 Norton Internet Security and it's not indicating any problem. My wife says she cannot see any of her Russian movies.

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This only happens when I send out my newsletter pages that I've loaded into my browser. The box says that there is a problem. Internet explorer has stopped running.......

My gut response is to say: Use an alternate (and better) browser such as Firefox or Opera!

Of course, that doesn't address you problem with IE :)

So, my suggestion is to reset IE and see if the issue continues.


Best Luck :)

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I've done a few more things after IE8 stopped running again. It seems to happen when I'm running/closing 4 or 5 programs at the same time. I've reset IE8 and afterwards we installed IE9. This application seems to be a little more lean on performance. An hour or so later I attempted to close 3 programs I regularly use and got the following message. This was the same message I got when IE8 first made the first detection about 3 weeks ago:

Internet explorer has closed this web page to help protect your computer.
More Information:
Windows Data Execution Prevention detected an add-on trying to used system memory incorrectly. This can be caused by a malfunction or a malicious sdd-on
Other Things You Can Do:
Go online to learn about the Data Execution Preventon (DEP) security feature

I read a little about DEP but don't see any solutions or permanent fixes.
I don't know if my Norton Internet Security 2010 has been filtering out malicious add-ons. Is it capable of doing so? Perhaps these add-ons may be installed and hidden away unintentionally. No one wants to verify this. I don't see anything too suspicious in my IE9 add-on list except one add-on named "research" which I've disabled. Norton is showing all secure. Any other ideas?


I have to agree with PP above but that maynot solve all the problems.
There is a files called the hosts file inside the windows or windows system directory. In this file there are a number of entries that relate to websites that the browser is able or forbidden to access. Take care but it is possible that either deliberately or by accident the name of one of the sites that you visit has got here by accident. Take care and read up on it before changing the hosts file entries.

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