I have just created an MSI file with 'Scalable WinINSTALL LE' and i am now needing to do one of two things.

One: How can I cange the TARGETDIR to a fixed location on a server in the network that has the actual setup files and be able to send the MSI out through group policy.


Two: Combine the MSI file I have with the files associated with it and be able to retain it as an MSI and not an EXE.

Any ideas would be appriciated and also wasn't sure if this was the right location that i could post this. Since it pertains to MSIs, I thought it would be rather close.

Well, seen as how few people have actually viewed this, I'm not too concerned now that it is no longer needed. To note that this thread is really not answered, It bothers me to think that not a soul out there is able to post anything within a months time as to a possible solution. This on its own makes me think ill of posting here since many of my threads have either gone unanswered or unsolved do to this same lack of interest. I know there are many more people out there with similar if not more demanding issues, but still even a novice should be able to post and at least give a possible solution into this matter. I'm sorry if this offends anyone else who may read this but I feel nothing about posting what I see fit.

To all who have viewed and all who might view,

Have a GREAT day...

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