Hi I am unable to see my siginal on my toolbar to say I am online . only when I unplug the wireless router but even then when I try to make changes it will not allow me to access any of the programing or software for the d-link so that I may configure it . it just comes up as wireless network connection 2 but cant do anything could some one please suggest how to fix this problem please . thank you

A bit more detail would be helpful. What operating system? If windows what service pak? What model and hardware version of Dlink router (label on bottom of router).

You can try resetting the Dlink to factory settings by pushing in the reset button on the back of the router and holding it in for 30 secs. Router lights should flash a bit and then use default user of Admin and no password to redo your settings.

I dont think its actually the router I have a d-link dir 625 set up on a wpa 2 connection using a windows xp software . For example when I click on avaialbe network it shows my router and signal strength but when I go click on change advanced settings or anything it says an unexepected error has occured and thats the most info I can get on it . When im offline I see im offline but still cant change any properties of signals or connections .