I have a Triple boot system XP, Vsta and Win7, but due to somehow Virus or Trojan on Vsta, I want to take that drive out and replace with a new harddrive.

The Vsta HD is a 2nd drive so I not worried about the data, which I can copy after, but it seems that, that drive maybe the system drive and I am not sure, if I put in a new HD, that it won't stop XP or Win7 from booting?

Any idea's on this as I would have normally just imaged the drive across.


First of all how do you triple boot? Do you use the BIOS menu boot up option? Or you use a software menu to select which OS you want to boot. Assume you use the BIOS option. It shouldn't be a problem. But I suggestion is you better off just use Window 7 Pro.

I just installed in order and menu was created via the install's.
XP, then Vista then Win7.

Can't use Win7 or Vista for non 64 bit apps which only work in XP, so need to keep XP.

I might use Win 7 for gaming or Vista , then one of them for Office.

The other reason I dual or triple boot is, if I ever get infect with a Trojan/Virus I can use the OS to get rid of it.

If I am not mistaken Window 7 Pro had a XP mode. That mean within Window 7 you have Window XP running just like virtual box. I seen my friend's computer using it. You need to download from Microsoft website. I had no idea why you want to use Vista for after all you have Window 7 which is much better than Vista. Here have a look at this website. Hope this help and let us know whether it solve your problem.


You will have to set up the multiboot again, a nice easy way to do it would be to just set up your system drive again as normal. Once that is running nicely download and install easyBCD. When you run it it will pick up the other installations and you just select the ones you want to show on the boot menu