Hi everyone,

OS :
Windows XP Professional (Srevice pack2).

In my system , there are three user accounts.

All the three user account doesn't have passwords.

Like, one is limited account , one is guest account and other acccount, i don't knpw whether it is limited or administrator account.

I am trying to format the system. My system doesn't have CD drive. I used External hard drive and put Windows XP cd in that.

While booting, i am not getting first boot device option.
So, i thought that after logging in a user account, i can install XP.

I entered into first limited account, there while installing, it is saying that, you should fill the username & password for installing of administrator.

But, i tried with all user account username with different passwords.
Actuall, password are not there to any of the account. But, while installing, it is not accepting the blank password.

Its not installing.

Then i tried with guest account, same problem occured as above.

Then i tried with the last user account. In that, i went for control panel and clicking the user account, then it is saying that you don't have access to open.

I am fed up with all these trails.
I need a solution for installing XP in my sytem.

Please help me.

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Did you change the options in the BIOS to make the external disk a bootable device? I presume the external drive is a USB one. Else I will suggest you buy a CD drive, pretty cheap nowadays, or borrow one if you cannot afford.

Huh... I am running two accounts on Xp limited and Admin

On Guest and Limited accounts, It will ask password for detecting any new hardware

But the bad thing is that if you dont have a password-protect account so it will not accept it... (Means a password to admin account is nessasary) In other words "Blank Passwords Are not Allowed"

By Default you have to create one account with Administrative Privileges in Xp. After that you can create "A Limited" account. So i am sure that third account (That you dont know) is With Administrative Privileges.

(I am a little weaker in english... Sorry if you cant understand what i am saying)

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