Please disregard this post - I just found the answer. Sorry for the needless post!

I'm trying to change the boot order in the BIOS but there's no way to move things around. It's shows how to highlight the items but no way to actually move them around.

Boot Device Priority:

Hard Disk Drive
Floppy Drive

These all highlight together and when you press Enter a small box pops up with those four options and moving the arrows up and down moves the highlight but not the order.

Here are the instructions to move around:

Left arrow/right arrow = Select item
up arrow/down arrow = Select item
Enter = Select SubMenu
F9 = Setup Defaults
F10 = Save and Exit
Esc = Previous Page

Am I missing something or is there no way to change it?

It is an eMachines W6409 with Intel and the BIOS version is Gc11020M.15A.2010.2006.0817.0956

Thank you for your help!

mark it closed! you solved it! :D

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