Am trying to update Bios on computer and have been to the manufacturer's site to get file and it's an exe file. The instructions said to extract the .exe file, and I get a bin file that says default program to open it with is VLC also. PowerIso won't open it saying it's an unsupported file format. I've gone to file types and changed the file extension to PowerIso but the icon remains as a VLC file but with the new bin file extension.

Any ideas how to go about rectifying this?

Bios update file is NF728.exe
Windows XP

Thanks in advance


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i downloaded it and not a zip file its a .exe ,no bin file anywhere !,click on it and it wanted me to run it . that is where i have to stop and i don't want to risk it changing something on me.i use win7.
might i ask why you are trying to update your bios .what problem are you having that it will fix

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It may be that a virus has changed your computers defaults for opening certain file types .

i just put it in a winxp computer ,clicked on the downloaded file and it on packed about 5 files including the utility to install the flash with a floppy drive ,
unless the update will fix a problem you are having ,i would leave it alone ,if the flash goes bad it could render you motherboard useless'

A how to from link in your posted link .
im sure you already seen it but just in case you missed it


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