Whenever I open Roxio Creator Classic the window does not seem to load properly and part of the user interface window appears as a black bar on the left. The programme will actualy burn CD/DVD's OK only if I use the "File/Burn" command as the other buttons are obscured by the black part of the window. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not solve the problem. I do wonder though if some damaged sectors of my HD or ram might be the cause. I did change my video card recently but as this is the only programme with the persistent problem somehow I don't think that could be the cause. Occasionally a similar problem occurs with IE8 but usually disappears after a reboot.

Screenshot Attached

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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First use Microsoft's memory diagnostics tool described here to verify the computer's ram is ok

If that's ok then check the hard drive for errors -- click here.

If there are no errors there either, then most likely its a problem with the program you are running. I'd go back to the manufacture and ask them if there is a compatability issue with Windows 7 operating system.

Thanks for your reply. I checked my HD for errors and evidently windows fixed something but the problem with Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 persists. Unfortunately I can't check the ram using the Win 7 tool as I am on XP SP3. I posted to the Win 7 forum by mistake. I did a search and will try this tool. The Roxio programme has worked before without any problems so I suspect a hardware problem.


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