Can anyone help me with a problem I have. I just upgraded to windows xp from 98. I can not get netscape 7.1 to work now. I click on the icon and nothing happens. It worked fine in windows 98. I have all my old emails and bookmarks on there and need them back.....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP

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Have you tried to download netscape again?? Try that download it install it that should do it. Make sure xp is up to date. With service pack 2 thats your choice. I choose not to run it. Let us know if that out

I have tried several times to re-install netscspe 7.1, with no luck. I did the upgrade from 98 to xp sp2. Th icon and everything shows up but nothing happens when I click on it.

Have the drivers for your computer been updated?? Lets say you own a hp. Go to and see about downloading and installing drivers that may be needed. Also you may try to back up your programs and do a clean install of windows xp. Another idea may be try a registry cleaner of some type. I have always been a huge fan of system mechanic. You can get a 30 day free trial and It has the only registry cleaner I trust!! Also try reinstalling Netscape completely then download it again. I can also say sp2 for windows xp has always messed up my computer. So I avoid it. If you do the clean install update your computer but leave service pack 2 off. Just trying to give you lots of ideas to try. Don't give up you will get it fixed. Let us know if any of these ideas worked. One last thing after trying all the browsers out there you may try and like maxthon. Its free. Runs great on my computer. Fast and its just like ie6 only with tabs. Just my humble oppinion.......let us know if any of these ideas worked for out

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