Dear all,

I need your help very urgently........
I have got a problem to open for example yahoo, google etc becauce when I open IE it takes times (3 to 5 minutes) and commonly appear "THE PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED".

I checked the connectivity, it shows :

Status : Connected
Duration : 00:27:15
Speed : 1.0 Mbps

Sent Received
Bytes 4.443.280 1.238.125
Compression 0% 0%
Error 0 0

What should I do?
Last night, I was run antivirus completely, but the problem was still the same.

Thank for any help.


Go to command prompt and ping or ping If it is failing, your internet connection is not valid (you may be connected, but data is not come in, come out; so reset/reconnect your connection)

One of my common problems and biggest are cookies or adware, spyware
go to start menu search all files-type in cookies. It'll search and show as a folder double click folder and it will show a bunch. delete all but the index of.
In one weeks time surfing i get 250 or more, it slows down your computer alot.
P.S I'm using windows XP home, 2.1 gig speed. any spyware over 200 my computer acts like it's at 500.LOL