This is not such a big deal but lately when someone is accessing IE on one of the computers on our home net, double windows come up. IE is set for google as a home page and one of the iterations shows google. The other doesn´t show anything at all, just a blank page. It doesn´t happen all the time but you only have to close the window and every thing else is normal.

Any ideas how this could be happening?

We do launch applications from the quicklaunch bar, so I though it might be due to double clicking but I´m not aware of doing it...and if that´s the case, double google windows should come up, not a blank page...

Thanks for any suggestions...:)

Catalana commented: interesting +1

what does the other page say in the adress bar, you shouldscan ur comp with spybot, adaware, and giant microsoft antispyware then repost this in the spyware forum along with a hijack this log.

Thanks for the suggestions. On checking the address bar, it´s the same in both windows. The second window just doesn´t show anything (it´s blank). When I saw this, I tried to make the thing happen and I´ve come to the conclusion that it IS a double click on the quicklaunch icon that is making it happen. If the double click is fast, then one of the IE windows comes up blank (don´t know why it´s blank but it´s irrelevant). Now that I know what is happening, I´ve adjusted the mice so that it doesn´t happen and explained to all our users that you don´t need to double click on the quicklaunch menu. That seems to have eliminated the problem...

alright that seems like it would happen ie in my experience is slow to launch.

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