I was recently given a 80GB SATA drive to use on my system at home. After I hooked it up and rebooted the drive comes up stating it is a network drive with the letter Z as a drive letter. I also have a network printer that is using the same drive letter. I want to reformat the drive so I can use it as a spare drive not that I really need it as I already have three other drives using the letters C D E and H I know that is four letters one is a backup or recovery drive and is a partition of the D drive. How do I go about doing this or is it not possible? I am using windows XP 32 bit service patch 3 installed

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Thanks for the response The problem tuned out I had the wrong cable connected to the drive. Apparently Sata works a lot like IDEE depending on which cable you put to the drive it will make it the next logical drive or in this case a network drive. I had no idea this was true. But when I plugged a different cable into the drive it came up as drive I and not Z.

I am not sure a good cable should have that effect.
Some motherboards assign different properties to their different SATA ports.... but network drive?? You don't have to leave it as a logical drive.... a primary drive or two on a disk can be a handy thing.

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