Hey guys,
I have Windows XP SP3 and 502mb RAM (Rubbish right?) and 1.60ghz dual core processor.
What's a fun game that would hardly lag at all with this sort of specs range?
I know that Cube 2 sauerbraten is a good one for my laptop, so something like that would be nice.

GTA vice city will run in your PC, Use emulation games like MAME, NeoGeo etc, And you can also play MINICLIP flash games on your PC :)

I know flash works, otherwise I wouldn't be able to access Youtube!
I don't really like GTA, I'd much prefer FPS games like Call of Duty or Left 4 Dead.
Unfortunately, none of those games work with my stupid laptop.
I have a DS emulator, but I only use that to test my homebrew games without having to insert and take out a memory stick each time I want to test it.
I don't really like emulations.
I already have Half-Life and sauerbraten, they're the only FPS games I've played on this laptop without much lag.
Anymore suggestions people?

Resident Evil 4 is also a good game. Try it out