Hey guys,
I have Windows XP SP3 and 502mb RAM (Rubbish right?) and 1.60ghz dual core processor.
What's a fun game that would hardly lag at all with this sort of specs range?
I know that Cube 2 sauerbraten is a good one for my laptop, so something like that would be nice.

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GTA vice city will run in your PC, Use emulation games like MAME, NeoGeo etc, And you can also play MINICLIP flash games on your PC :)


I know flash works, otherwise I wouldn't be able to access Youtube!
I don't really like GTA, I'd much prefer FPS games like Call of Duty or Left 4 Dead.
Unfortunately, none of those games work with my stupid laptop.
I have a DS emulator, but I only use that to test my homebrew games without having to insert and take out a memory stick each time I want to test it.
I don't really like emulations.
I already have Half-Life and sauerbraten, they're the only FPS games I've played on this laptop without much lag.
Anymore suggestions people?


Resident Evil 4 is also a good game. Try it out

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