:rolleyes: hi i have been playing counterstrike source on some fast servers and have seen that my lantecy/ping is higher then most, most of the gamers are around 60 - 80 where as i am about 130+ i was wondering if there tweaks i could do to improve this and lower that number, i am aware of in game tweaks that i have been trying out but not sure they are working or if they are right for my set up, but i was wondering if there are hardware or windows based tweaks i could do to improve my connection speed if anyone has ingame, hardward, windows or even additional software tweaks and tips i'll have em all, i will give you my system setup incase that helps

athlon 64 fx-55
1ghz of ram pc3200
geforce 3 ti200 gold sample
raptor 74gig harddrive

wanadoo usb modem 2.2meg broadband

mcafee antivirus is running as are several other programs in the system tray, would this make a difference?
should i risk switching antivirus software off for gaming

i know my hard drive needs defragging but what else could i do to improve performance.

any help is well appreciated

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The only thing that affects lantecy/ping is the server you are playing on.

The lantecy/ping is the response time you get from a server in the game. A lot of things can affect your lantecy/ping.

For example:
The distance between you and the server
The speed of your internet connection and the speed of the servers internet connection
Your computers hardware and the servers hardware

And if you have a DSL connection the distance between you and the phone company can make a big difference.

Also i personally turn off everything running my taskbar before playing games, including any Anti-virus software. So games run a lot faster when you turn off anti-virus software.

thanks for the info
i was also wondering is there any tips for improving the overall performance of my computer to improve fps and speed of the pc im currently looking at getting a 6800gt 256mb card at the mo to improve graphics and fps but really i have a feeling windows is acting slugish maybe i have too much rubbish on there?
also i was thinking of doing a fresh install on my harddrive but i have downloaded so much content for counter strike source i.e. maps, skins etc that i was wondering is there a simple way of moving those files onto a clean hard drive with having to download them again which stops my playing time, i have an additional usb harddrive could i use that? and has anyone done it and know of which folders to move
if anyone has tips i would be most thankful

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