Hi there,
I just bought a bran new :D mp3 :D player and it turns out that you need Windows XP for you to load music on to it. I have tried to upgrade my computer to window XP but my computer is so cr@ppy it wont run it. Is there anyways for me to get windows media player 10. I had looked on the window media player website but it only runs with windows XP. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated ^-^


lol come on people i need some help here.. ^-^

You cannot run WMP 10 on Windows 2000 so you need to find another solution. What brand is the MP3 player? I cannot really image that a MP3 player requeres WMP10.

The brand is an iRiver

i found out that you can also use another prgram but i don't have that on my computer either..tha program is like real time or something like that..

you don't need a player to load music on a mp3 player ,you need mp3 files on you computer either from a download or ripp them from a cd,you can use Audiograbber to rip them from a cd and make mp3 then all you need to do is copy them to the player through windows explorer .
I use musicmatchjukebox[came with my mp3 player] ,and i also use audiograbber , its free .http://www.audiograbber.com-us.net/

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