Hey everyone...

I had just rebooted by system and i got this process1_initialization_failed error. so i try to boot up in all of the safe modes and i can't. none of the troubleshooting has helped, so i was wondering what a guy can do to fix this and noe lose all of his files.

any ideas?

p.p. :-|

You might be able to try a repair reinstallation. If that doesn't work, the only way you're going to be able to solve this and keep your files would be to probably put your hard drive in another system, and copy the files over to CD or something.

Either that, or if you are familiar with using KNOPPIX, the Linux bootable CD, you may be able to mount the Windows drive and use a CD burner to transfer the files over.

heh heh....

I have the exact same problem in front of me here that I'm trying to find a solution for on behalf of one of our magazine's readers. Should i turn up any really good solutions I'll post them here as well.

Meanwhile, any more input from those more technically proficient than myself are going to be a welcome sight indeed! :D

thanks everyone...

it looks like i may have to send it to a specialist (read that $150.00/hr.)

what do i need for a repair instalation? and which prompts should i look for so that i don't wipe my hard drive clean?