I recently received a computer from a friend. I had to put some parts in though... It was prety much a barebones pc. I installed Windows XP Professional SP2, and enabled Advanced Power Management. It gives me the option to hibernate, but when I do, when I boot the computer, it justs starts up windows xp from scratch like I had done a shutdown, not from where I had hibernated. I lose whatever I had open. Now, this tower that I have is from 1997, so when I installed the 80GB hard drive, I had to put the capacity limiter jumpers on and install ONTRACK (hard drive overlay??) in order to use all 80GB of hard drive space. Please help.

I dont know how to answer you question, but I have the same problem also. I'm running Windows XP Media Edition. Any ideas?

Well I thought it could just be because of the Drive Overlay, but when I did the limited size w/out the Drive Overlay, I had 30GB but STILL no hibernation...

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