I want to implement more use of the intranet which would include time sheet and holiday request forms submission etc. This seems possible through sharepoint 2010 but not sharepoint 2007. Is there an easy and quick upgrade path or is there something else which is cheap (FREE) that would resolve the same?

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Sharepoint is drastic overkill for what you want. It requires a very large investment in equipment and training. Our first Sharepoint installation was done after training and even then was completely botched. It required more than a year of reorganization and massive inconvenience to the users to undo the damage. Fortunately, at that point, we were ready to migrate to a new version of Sharepoint on completely new hardware.


Do you have an existing system using SharePoint? I know it is popular with some of the local school boards in my community--but in this case, they are connecting schools physically spread around the city.

If you do not have an existing SharePoint system, and all your users are in the same building on the same LAN, perhaps a Wkii would be applicable. There are some free Wiki packages available, offering varying capabilities. Perhaps one would suffice for your purposes. In fact, my employer uses a Wiki, and everybody in the offices edits their own entry in the company employee directory, has access to forms, Word documents, edits "How-to" pages, tracks software bugs, etc. And for the odd time an employee has to work from a remote location, they just VPN into the network, and they have access to the system as if they were working in the office.

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