hi frenz i installed remote administration tools on windows 7 enterprise so i could use it as A server....but i cant create a domain using DCPROMO in the command prompt..... when i try to use dcpromo it prompt and error message saying (the active directory domain services installation wizard is not supported to this SKU) SO how can i make the windows 7 as the primary domain controller......when i have already installed the remote server administration tools ....pls thanks for the help...........

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windows 7 as the primary domain controller

A Windows 7 operating system cannot be used as a domain controller. Using RSAT on Windows 7 allows you to connect to network services other remote systems, such as a domain controller on your network. RSAT is only a tool. It does not provide any of these networking services on a Windows 7 computer.

If you want to set up a domain controller to test, the best approach is to install a virtual application program such as virtualbox or vmware on the Windows 7 host, then install Server 2008/2012 guest VMs.


JorgeM is correct. The only thing I will add is that you can download the trial Versions of the server products that will work for 90-180 days from microsoft if you are learning the product. These work just fine in a VM (I use virtual box).

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