I have Outlook 2003 on a windows xp machine. It was working fine till yesterday. When I open Outlook 2003, I have to click "send/recieve. Thats normal. Whats not normal is it keeps sending, ...I dont know what its trying to send because it doesnt tell me. If I click "cancel" it stops for a few seconds and then automatically start trying to send. There are no messages in my outbox. I am able to send other things, even while its trying to send the problem email. Thanks in advance for any help.

A few thoughts:

A) You may have a corrupted Outlook folder or file; try one or both of the following:

* Run the Inbox Repair Tool. A short tutorial can be found here:

* Use the MS Office "Detect and Repair" tool: http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb;en-us;822238&spid=2522&sid=24

B) Scan for viruses. Before doing so, make sure that your anti-virus program has the absolutely most current updates/virus definition files installed.

C) If your anti-virus program has an email-scanning feature (most do), turn off that feature and see if doing so has any effect on the problem.