:confused: :confused: I am Having a problem with the computer at work , you see there are a few manager's that like to use it for chatting and surfing for things that they really don't need to be looking at , we do not have a firewall and we are running window's xp , anyhow the problem i have with them doing all this other non work related stuff is that it is on a computer that has all the employees file's on it ....really all the stuff that has to do with the business , I have told them over & over not to do it :evil: !!! What I would like to know is there anyway that I can block them for doing anything other than what they should be doing(there is only 1 website that they need to go to and that is it)....someone told me that a firewall will do this , but I have never used a firewall before.

Any sugestion's?????? :confused: :confused:

a password would work better !!

they still need to be on the net... just one site and that is it , if I change the password then that means they can't get on at all.