I previously tried 2 programs (TuneUp WinStyler and AVG7 virus checking programs. They were uninstalled. Now "Wizard" tries to help me everytime I open! Help!! I tried Search and deleting all I could + Add & Remove to uninstall.. Nothing helps; I even tried deleting them in the Safe Mode. Any advice?

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HI: I just searched for the 2 programs (WinStyler TuneUP and also AVG7 Update and neither appeared..however, when I opened Windows XP a few mins ago the Wizard "Found New Hardware" appeared for both. Any help would be appreciated. fred wright


Thanx for all the help I got from dccarnes.. this am I found the 2 culprits that hung around even though I thought they had been uninstalled (I used the Add/Remove XP, then Search then right click delete on them), but they were like imbedded fleas. Any rate, dcc mentioned someone he contacted said try Device Manager..(in yellow) and Shazam!! there those 2 were until I removed them..No more unwanted Hardware Wizard screens since. Thanx again. Fred Wright

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