I know that the new file system microsoft has been working on was origionally scheduled for release with windows vista. But months back it was canceled and it was said that it would be released as a "future upgrade". Then i read that it wouldnt be available for vista at all, but the os after vista. Does anybody know anything about this?

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I didn't even know about a new FS at all. Shows how behind the times I am!

Speaking of which, can you still get the beta for vista?

Speaking of which, can you still get the beta for vista?

Yeah, they have been releasing new builds. The last one i tried was the February release, but i belive they have released a newer builds since then.

WinFS was backported to run on XP, and is/has been available in beta (Beta 1) to developers for some time. From what I've read, Beta 2 is due to be released to developers at the beginning of May, but the final shipping version isn't due for release until at least Q3 2007.

That time frame doesn't sound like it will coincide with Vista's initial release (unless MS delays Vista further), but it also doesn't sound like it will coincide with any other MS OS release either. As it currently stands, WinFS installs on top of NTFS, so I guess it could/will just be released as a stand-alone "Plop-On".


WinFS is quite an interesting system. There is s source where you can find some valuable info on it:
If you wish you can give it a look

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It sounds like Microsoft is trying to adopt some of the ideas used in the iNode based filesystems. It is interesting to see what will become of WinFS.

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