When turning on my PC, computer starts, windows XP logo appears then message that it cannot start. It gives options including start in safe mode, start in most recent config and start windows normally i try all of them and the computer restart and go back to the options all the time

can u help me :)

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Have you added any hardware or otherwise made system changes recently?

I made system changes recently

Could you clarify? Were the "system changes" software-related, hardware-related, or both? What were they?


Was it software that did stuff like virtual drives, or any thing like that? Or was it just you average application.

In other words, do you think the App makes system changes?


The more specific you are, the better we can help. This is a bit vague. What was the software. What did it do. Was it one app? Five? Ten? Anything you think we so much as might need to know, tell us. :cool:

I install Tune up windows i tune up the computer then I restart the computer it work all right then the computer stop i turn it off at the wall i put it back on then it did not work

Since it won't let you in at all, have you tried running a repair from the original OS CD?

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