She remote sessions as server and then after a couple of seconds gets booted out, with this error found in the computer log:

'The Remote Desktop license server cannot update the license attributes for user "danielle.eglin" in the Active Directory Domain "adsnet.pri". Ensure that the computer account for the license server is a member of Terminal Server License Servers group in Active Directory domain "adsnet.pri".

If the license server is installed on a domain controller, the Network Service account also needs to be a member of the Terminal Server License Servers group.

If the license server is installed on a domain controller, after you have added the appropriate accounts to the Terminal Server License Servers group, you must restart the Remote Desktop Licensing service to track or report the usage of RDS Per User CALs.

Win32 error code: 0x80070005'

Looked on google but some instructions suggested werent clear, may refer to no licences left ?

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Have you ensured that your terminal server(s) are part of the group "Terminal server License Servers"?

If so, yes, you can check the available licenses by launcing the License Manager from the Admin tools. I assume that you installed the appropriate licenses? Terminal services in application mode does require additional licenses.

If you are only interested in RDP for two connections, you do not require a full installation of Terminal Services. You can just enable RDP administration.

I ended up switching PC's, as we went through all options possible. thanks anyway.

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