please help
my PC restarts itself
it just started out from no where
it worked fine yesterday but today the problem occured
when i tried the BLUE SCREEN ....it shows:
i searched about this but nothing helps
i didnt install any new programs .....as i told u ....i did nothing
somebody please guide me through this
i appriciate anykind of help
thank u all

It is likely your Power Supply in the PC. I know it sounds weird but I have had this problem many times. You should also check your RAM.
Another troubleshooting item: Bring up the computer in Safe Mode and see if it does it. If it does, you know it's probably not software.

i tried the safe mode but it works fine
what should i do with the power supply
thank u for fast replying

what did u do with the power supply

i just find out that my sister turn on the PC on 110 volt instead of 220
does this what cause the problem
and what can i do about it ????
sorry for bothering u

Put the power supply back to 220 and run the computer. Since it didn't reboot in Safe Mode, it is a software problem...or that the power supply was set incorrectly.

what i ment was
she pluged it in 110 instead of 220
(the power supply is set to 220)
and when i pluged it in 220
the problem starts

if this shouldnot cause any problems
where should i start to know which software is causing this