i have 2 hard disks in one hard disk i have windows xp and in other i have 2 drives D: and E: In my E: drive one of my folder which ic upto 100GB is not Detected Please give me the solution Soon....

So you mean you have one hard drive with various partitions. On the partition that holds this folder that you cannot see, are other folders accessible? Did you delete the folder and just need to restore it? What error message do you see when trying to access this folder?

Thanx for reply.. but I have not deleted the folder the folder is visible but it is not accessible and it shows the size of 0KB.

Ok, it is also possible that you may not have the correct permissions set on that folder. You may want to access the properties of the parent folder, Security tab, Make sure that the security permissions as correct or modify them, then propogate the permissions to all child folders.