Hi, i have a problem regarding on my laptop. It is ECS elitegroup.
The problem starts when my cousin borrows my laptop for her to make a reviewer.
While she is typing on a Microsoft Word 2007, it suddenly hangs. Well, my cousin is not a techie person, so she restarted. While starting up or loading up, it now hangs up on that screen. And every time my laptop it hangs in there.

What does it mean? does a virus infected my laptop?

Another is that, when i try to solve it by booting it into safe mode.. it also hangs while reading the file ....MUP.SYS. and i wait for a several hours. When i try to reinstall a new OS, and when setup is loading files, it shuts down and restart..

How do i solve this problem? does a virus is blocking the installation of my windows xp?

sorry if my english is poor.
please help me solve this problem. thanx in advance!

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it's not a virus, just try to select from bios then select the IDE mode type not the sata mode or pata mode... hope it works,,

how do i go to the bios?

what key should i press.

Usually it's F2 (sometimes F1 or ESC) during boot up. Something should appear on the screen saying something like 'Press F2 to enter Bios menu now'

Ok. thanks a lot. then what should i do after?

Try also pressing the Del key if you have problems accessing the bios. All my PC's have been that way.
It is probably not bios related, but once you are in, set the bios to the 'default' settings then hit the F10 key to save and exit.
Try installing the OS again.
Have you tried a system restore? If not, I would actually try that first.

I can assure you a virus cannot block you on the process of loading xp. Firstly you need to make sure you have a right cd which is bootable. Secondly you need to set your boot options if it cannot boot itself of pickup the xp cd. On the start up screen it will tell you what key you should press for boot setup / Bios setup, this varies on make of laptop and product. On the boot setup, make cd/dvd rom first boot priority, then Harddrive second boot, then F10 to save your settings. Surely after that it will ask you to press any key to boot from cd/dvd. Then you go step by step as it will tell you what button to press going forward.
I hope this will assist you and feel free to ask if you dont understand anything.

OP has already stated that he can start the installation. His problem is that when it is loading the files, it shuts down.

How are we going to know if the person doesnt update or mark the thread. Then if it keeps restarting it might be hardware failure probably ram or hard drive..

That is definitely a possibility, but the problem seemed to start after the cousin borrowed the laptop.
More than likely a software problem.

yeah. crunchie is right, while installation of XP is loading the files, it shuts down. I don't think that its a hardware - hard disk drive failure. One question.. Can I reformat my hard disk drive using a hard drive enclosure and install an Operating System without affecting/deleting my files in Local Disk D? I have 2 partitions, a Local Disk C and D.

You should be able to do that fine. Just select the relevant drive when requested during the install set-up.

Ok. thanx a lot crunchie.

Just to clarify, if my Hard drive is corrupted , can I still use it with hard drive enclosure? or reformat it?

ok. so it means that possible problem is that:

-a hard drive failure or corrupt
-a rare virus
-deleted registry?

Did you yet try a system restore as I suggested earlier?

If the HD still spins up, you will still be able to access any data you need to recover once/if you install to another drive.

How can i restore the system if it hangs up in the in the boot screen? i don't even go inside my desktop.

Good question :D. I will just take my foot out of my mouth now :).

You can try a system repair using the CD too.

What CD? The OS installation CD? Yeah, but can I still use other CD? My installation is full of scratch and I don't think that it will work.

Yes, the OS CD. What other CD are you talking about?

uhm.. Any OS installation CD.. because the one that i install in my laptop seems full of scratch and don't think it will not work anymore. so im asking if i can use other cd or any installation CD. A WinXP CD probably.

you could try a live cd of ubuntu or something alike. it'll allow you to boot that specific OS, and perform backups etc, maybe even some repairs.
Live CD's are free btw.

I don't know if ubuntu can see windows folders by default, since it's been a while when i last used it, can anyone fill me in?

You can use another XP CD provided it is for whatever one you had. ie: XP home or XP professional.

sure.. this solved my problem. tanx every one.

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