Dear All,

For a couple of weeks now I am not able to log in Microsoft. I had my computer checked by an IT technician. They have found NO virus.
I have been using the same email address for quite some time now . Likewise my password. Yet recently the system says that my password has more than 16 characters .....I do not understand this point, for I have been using the same password over a year now. Pls. give me a helping hand to enter the system and recover my accounts .

Thanks so much.

Efraim Antonio

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Assuming you computer has a seperate administrator acct ,did you try hitting f8 on bootup and going into safe mode ,try using the admin acct and go to users in the control panel and removing the password to your acct


Are you referring to logging into Windows? If so, without a password recovery disk, Microsoft provides no other mechanism to recover the password. If you do a search online, you will find plenty of options with regard to downloading bootable Linux media to brute force a password change on the admin account.

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