I am a little stuck here and not sure why this is happening...

I have a computer running windows 2000 and when I turned it on I got the message that 1 of the windows system files was damaged and windows could not start. So I thought “ok, windows repair is the best thing to do. I started up the computer with the windows CD in, then when it all loaded up I selected the windows repair option and it informed me that I could not do a windows repair because there was no hard drive attached to the computer. This confused me because surly the computer was reading the hard drive or it would not know that a windows system file was damaged.

Does anybody have any idea as to why this is happening?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Ok well obviously your data is gone, but here try this. Take out the harddrive, and turn on the computer. hey look nothing happened. Then put the Hard drive back in.. It shoudl reconfigure. Ive never had this problem but its jsut a guess cause that works with many other componment, but may not work with a HD, so try this, try to use fdisk and re-partition the HD. Maybe then it will find it. If not please tell me what it says when you cant partition.

Thanks for your reply,

I have fixed the hard drive problem... It's a long story :-|

I did a windows repair, and when the system restarted the same file was damged and windows still won't start.

The file is:


I tried locating the file on another computer running windows 2000 and putting it on a disk so I could copy it over the damaged 1. For some reason I could not find it even with the show hidden files and system files options ticked.

I have no idea what this SYSTEMced is... It has no file extention on the error message.


Thanks DMR for the microsoft link, that provided me with all the information I needed to fix the problem. :cheesy:

Thanks both of you for your time.

Much appreciated,

Very cool; glad we could help :)

hi guys, im not a computer whizz, so i kinda got confused when i got the same message

Windows Could Not Start Because the Following File Is Missing or Corrupt: \Winnt\System32\Config\Systemced

i went to the microsoft page for support just got stuck on one of the steps

on page

Windows Could Not Start Because the Following File Is Missing or Corrupt: \Winnt\System32\Config\Systemced

under the title

"Restore a Backup of the System Hive"

step number 4

how do i choose my installation

my comp is an old comp. its got 3 installations, 2 windows 2000 pro (the first one them is the one i want to repair) and a windows98. what command would make it go to the desired installation

sorry about that guy, as i told u im not a pc whizz , i just know the basic computing stuff.

any help would be great. thx

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