Due to problems I decided to re-install XP Pro and formatted my Hard Drive. When I ran the installation it got as far as "Installing Devices" with 34/35 minutes left to run and then stopped. I have tried both XP Home and XP Pro with identical results.
Following advice from other Forums I have removed all addon hardware, leaving 1 x DVD Rom; 1 x SATA Hard Drive and 1 x Graphics Card. I have also removed all but 1 stick of memory but still I cannot get the installation programme to get past Installing Devices.
Its one thing to have problems WITH Windows but its another to not even be able to install it.
Any clues - advice - suggestions etc wioll be gratefully received


This does two things:
1. It removes every last trace of the old installation.
2. It gives the disk a really good work-out.

I had the same trouble as you some time back (but with 2K IIRC). Eventually, I figured out that there were a few bad sectors towards the middle of the disk.

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Thanks Salem, I`ll give it try out

your harddrive maker will have a utility to wipe and prepare you drive for windows install ,just check their web site !

Have you tried these same WinXP bootable CDs on other Hard Drive in another system?

If these WinXP bootable CDs are installing fine on other Computer,
then check the Hard Drive of this computer.
Just take out this Hard Drive and insert it into another Computer as a secondary hard drive and boot it with primary hard drive .
Go to the C drive (primary parition) of this secondary harddrive and check if there is any problem there like missing or corrupt files.
If you find any problem with the partition,just format it properly this time.
According to my understanding, when you 1st formatted the hard drive, the list of drivers in the system 32/driver folder didnot properly get formatted.

Try this and come back