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Is it possible to do that? I got a real nasty virus on my desktop, (XP) which has completely hampered my internet connection and slowed everythign way down. I've searched and searched for the answer but haven't found anything yet.

I don't have the original xp disks for my desktop, but I do have the restoration disks for my laptop which are for Vista. Can I format my desktop and just use the Vista disks?

Also note, the laptop with vista on it was bought in the store, while I custom built the desktop which has xp on it.

the answer is "no" you cant use the disks from the laptop ,they are for the laptop and only for that laptop

not a good idea. It will not work as expected. without the XP CD and serial nubmer, you are out of luck for that computer.

Why not install and use Linux? You can boot a Linux live cd/dvd drive, mount your Windows file system, copy your data files to a thumb drive, and then install Linux - it will happily reformat your drive, removing all trace of your virus, and you can use OpenOffice or LibreOffice to read your MS Word, Powerpoint, and other files.

Thank you rubberman, will definitely be looking into this...haven't gone linux before, will be the first time I'm giving it a shot!

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