I am trying to get my Java DB setup correctly with NetBeans 7.2 to start building databases.

When I leftclick on Java DB every option is greyed out except for Properties. There is no sample databases or anything else

when selected, a popup appears requesting
Java DB Installation:
Database Location:
and an info line saying
Please enter the Java DB installation directory.

can anyone tell me where the installation directory (and driver associated with it) is located and how to get past this screen and begin database creation.

This is a brand new installation of netbeans 7.2, and I downloaded the complete package including glassfish.
thanks in advance.....

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for such a specific program why not go to there community site and contact them .might be quickest solution .

not sure but it almost sounda like you simply need to create a storage folder ,say in the mydocuments folder ,call it "Java DB installation directory" and then when as for it direct it to the folder you created ,I could be wrong .

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