I am trying to trigger an event to run after ten minutes of idleness (as in no mouse or keyboard input). I created a task with the task scheduler, but it is not being triggered no matter how long my computer is idle.

I set the trigger "When computer is idle" and the conditions "Start the task only if the computer is idle for: 1 minute." Anyone have experience setting up a task to run on idle or know what could be going wrong?

I have tested running the task on demand and it works just fine so there must be something wrong with the triggers or the conditions.

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Well, it started working most of the time. My computer is set to sleep at 30 minutes, and I scheduled the task to run after 1 minute of inactivity. I just thought it would be on the same timer as the power settings such as turn off my monitor, but as best I can tell it is not on the same timer. Windows 7 x64 is my OS. I'm marking as solved, but feel free to comment if you know how the task scheduler determines inactivity.

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