I have Win XP and i was learning hw to operate the cacls command and I MESSED UP REAL BAD
I had a folder in D drive "My Docs" which i lock by this command
cacls "D:\My Docs" /d xyz or maybe instead of xyz i might have typed everyone, this is what I think has happenned..

NDOWS>cacls "D:\My Doc
ou sure (Y/N)?y
s is denied.

But when I tried to unlock it by all the methods written in a previous post i get this error ACCESS DENIED even when i run it as an administrator.. Now I agree i might have made it inaccesible to all users, but that folder contains very very very important data, and also all my academic data.
What should I DO... Please Help...

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I have Win XP and i was learning hw to operate the cacls command and ....

Did you try all of the steps listed here?

-- Note that the link calls for XP to first be booted to Safe Mode.

If you have exhausted all other avenues and still have not fixed this, I can talk you through a more complex, but usually effective, method.


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Thanks PhilliePhan, but I spoke to someone and he helped me solve it.. he told me to go to security tab under folder properties from administrator account and then give some privileges to admin account and problem solved.
Thanks Anyways.

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