I have a Dell Deminsion E310 running windows XP. Shortly after starting up computer a dialog box with the heading "Windows File Protection" appears. The verbage in the dialog box "Files that are required for windows to run properly have been replaced by unrecognized versions. To maintain system stability windows must restore the original versions of thse files. Insert your windows XP Professional CD2 now." The choices are "retry" "more information" "cancel" >>>>I do not have the Windows CD, I cannot restore to an earlier version. What eventually happens is that all programs lock up and I need to reboot the computer. I've run SFC to verify, I've run MRT in safe mode, same problem. I've run a full scan two or three times with Mcafee and nothing out of the ordinary can be detected.

I've checked the event log, which I find is corrupted but I am able to see two issues...

"The protected system file c:\windows\ehome\ehtray.exe could not be verified as valid because Windows File Protection is terminating."

"The protected system file c:\windows\resources\themes\luna\luna.msstyles could not be verified as valid because Windows File Protection is terminating."
I appreciate any assistance you can offer.

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You might not need to use a Disc to resolve this. Please visit this Microsoft page and follow the instructions involving the use of sfe.exe. It would be wise to read through the whole page before doing anything though. Basically, Windows compares system dll's with those stored in a cache.

Hope it works for you.

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Thanks for the info BigPaw. That page is a bit too technical for for me....I'm a printer, not a programmer. I did run McAfee Virtual Agent and it found two errors in my registry. Corrected those errors and I am not getting the WFP error however, the problem the problem of the screen lockup stil continues. What I've discovered is that if you click on the "dash" button to minimize an open window the window does minimize but a bugus image of that program stays on the screen appearing to be be open. Same problem if you click on the "X" to close the window. The window does close, but remains on the screen. The bogus windows are not functional at all and the ultimate result is that you can have a load of non-functioning windows open, you cant see the desktop, so I have to hit the "start" button and restart the computer to get to the desktop. HELP!


I'm sorry far directing you to such complicated information. Try the following instead, please.

The following command will compare your Windows key files and libraries with those stored in a Windows active. If it finds anything wrong it will replace the suspect or damaged file with a known good one in the archive.

Click on Start and in the 'Run' field type 'cmd'. A Window with black background will open with a flashing cursor waiting for you to type something. (typically called a DOS box) Type the following exactly as you see it:

sfc /scannow

The test may take up to 10 or 15 minutes. Please let me know what happens, any results.


I think your computer has been infected or has suffered from a crash, you should Scan your HardDrive with an Anti-virus and disinfect it. After that pop your Windows CD into PC and Restart it. Boot from CD when it asks, and select repair or upgrade my Windows.

For Windows 7 (describes with images)

For Windows Xp (with images)

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Thanks for all your help BP and R. I did some investigating in the event log and noticed quite a few errors with a connection to Roxio DVD maker software that I have on the 'puter. I havent used it in a while so I uninstalled the program along with Skype Call 2 Call (C2C). Rebooted and the problem seems to have corrected itself. No more hangups, no more WFP errors eiher. I dont get it, but right now things seem to be going OK. Computer is even booting up faster. One other note...I dont usually download any of those programs that offer to fix or speed up your computer, but I was desparate and did download "Speedy PC Pro." I ran the "FREE" program and it found over 10,000 areas that needed to be fixed. I didnt believe that for one minute and the first thought that came to mind was "scam, scam, scam and sure enough after doing a quick Google search there seems to be many complaints about it. Uninstalled it immediately. Once again, thank you for your help. Things seem to be OK so I'm going to mark this post solved. Happy New Year!

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