I have a couple of computers here, a friend wanted me to make an image of an old XP hard drive with all her work files, emails, etc, and put them on a hard drive in a newer computer. The newer computer runs Windows 7 and I feel like that would be a waste of a good OS upgrade if I were to wipe out the Windows 7 drive to deploy an image of an old XP system. Is there an easier way to move all her data and email settings to the Windows 7 machine without completely destroying the data on the drive?

What version of 7 is it? If it's Ultimate you can shrink the partition in Manage then create a new one to restore the image to. I'm not sure what other versions of 7 support partition shrinking.
If it doesn't support partition shrinking then you will need something like Partition Magic which is not a free program.

If the PC is new, you may not be able to get drivers for Windows XP, if they are desperate to have Windows XP, why not upgrade to Win7 Pro or Ultimate , and run Windows XP virtual mode ( Virtual PC).

You also have the option of adding a 2nd drive and create a Dual boot, this is cheaper and they can select which OS to boot into, on boot up.

Thanks guys. I should have mentioned these are both laptops. It's Home Premium, and I think all but Home Basic have the ability to shrink and expand. I'm going to try Easy Transfer first. The only thing is she has some programs on the older laptop she isn't sure she has the install disks for, which is why we were doing an image.

Can you re-explain somethign to me.
You got new Windows Laptops which you want to wipe and put the old Windows XP images on?

You won't be able to restore images from different makes or models of Laptop's unless they use the same motherboard and hardware. You'll run into problems.

I would do this
1 = Get a list of what software
2 = Run the compatiblity Win7 wizard to see out come of those programs.

3= You can always get a serial no/key software which locates all you product keys/numbers. Then see if you can find those program's

You can always get Paragon Free Edition Partition Manager to resize the partition if you need too on the new laptops, then put WinXp on the 2nd Partition.

Then get a dual boot, boot editior like I have done in the past.

I'm using Acronis which is supposed to restore images onto other machines that don't have the same hardware. I haven't used it for that purpose yet which is why I am hesitant to do it in the first place. I am going to use Windows Easy Transfer to get the files on the newer computer and give that to her.

Acronis is still a Disc Imagining software and clones whole drives or partitions. I don't see how it can change the hardware?

Let me explain, you clone WinXP image and your hardware is Intel motherboard, Intel display and soo on.

Win7 machine has Nvidia motherboard, Nvidia display and soo on.

When you image and then boot up, it WinXP will say, new hardware found and may or may not boot up correctly. You also will need to install the driver's when it ask's.

One of thing's you will need to do after is go into device manager and unhide the redundant driver's ( for the hardware from previous setup) and delete these.

Does the new machine have any SATA or eSata port's?

The only thing is she has some programs on the older laptop she isn't sure she has the install disks for

There is a very strong possibility these will be old versions and won't be compatible with Windows7 anyhow.

thank you for all the help, in the end I just used Easy Transfer and told her that unless she has the install disks for the program, there isn't much I can do.

Acronis Plus Pack is supposed to be able to put an image on dissimilar hardware, however I haven't done it (obviously) so I don't know how it works. If I ever try it, I'll let you all know how it works. I am hoping that the program will run in XP compatibility mode. I have to use Compatibility mode with an older version of Photoshop I have. Thanks again!

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