Ok I have been looking everywhere to solve this problem but I stumbled upon this website...anyways I was removing some programs I didnt want on this computer anymore and i accidently removed my sound card on mistake i didnt realize it until afterwards and i havent had sound in like forever but i havent had the time really to fix it...but I downloaded Everest Home edition and it told me my device was Intel 82801FB ICH6 - AC'97 Audio Controller [B-1]

My computer is a Dell and the OS is Windows XP Professional

IDK if anyone can help me but it would be great to listen to music and the sounds of games lol


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Well you basically have two choices:
1) Go to the Dell Support Web site and enter the service tag off of the computer and download the driver from them.
2) Go to the intel site and download the driver for the 82801FB Chip set and the AC97 audio controller.

^^^ do the second ...
Anyway, just let you know, you didnt delete sound card, you deleted the driver. Sound card is harware, you cant delete it.

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