Hello fellows,

I have some files which consists a setup program worth 11.1 gb in size.

I want to burn these files into multiple dvds. For example, 3 dvds having size of 4.7gb OR 2 dvds one can be 8.5gb in size and another one can be 4.7gb in size. Moreover, i want to burn these in continuous manner. So that during installation when dvd1 is finished, the pc will ask for next dvd in order to continue.

I tried using winrar to create the archive in 4.3gb sizes but in this case, during installation, i will have to first extract files from archives (in my hard-drive) and then can start installation, which I don't want.

I tried to create image from these files and burning to image recorder in nero express 7. But it can't create image of files more than 8.5 gb. Please suggest me ways on how to do that...

Thanks for any information in advance...
Regards Shouvik

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inno setup is used to create new installer...

in my case, i already have it and also i donot have the setup script that inno setup requires to compile the setup program...this setup is from diff. source and unfortunately i lost the discs...

all i need to do is to burn the files in multiple dvds so that it can be kept in continuous manner...

thanks for your rply...


usually a setup that spans multiple disks requires certain files on certain disks and in a certain format. Without knowing the exact specifics it's going to be very difficult to organize your disks. If the setup is very flexible that way, you could us a disc burner app that supports disk spanning such as, CDBurnerXP.

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