Hi All

I am a new PC owner and am getting the hang of looking after my PC but am having great difficulty with a Virus it has picked up, I have had my PC for less than 3 months, and am in dire need of advice

My home PC has a nasty virus, that isn’t allowing me to Update AVG or any other anti spyware stuff… I have tried Malware and a few others. But the virus is clever enough to block the net connection when I try and update them… I cant even update my MSN as it wont allow it to download properly. The virus is also intemittantly cutting off my connection to the internet, either through firefox or IE, I get the generic, offline message, and that a network cable is unplugged…. However my net connection is always in good strength when this happens. Yet I can log into World of Warcraft with no problems… and before I needed to upgrade MSN I was able to log into that too, and get a friend to remote in via MSN and run a few checks, which fixed it temporarily…..

Also when I am on the net and I click on a link in Google or any other page, instead of opening a tab for that page it takes me to either a random website, there is a recurring page called Blinx and Jump... also it likes to take me to Ebay... (prompting me to feel the virus is harvesting Passwords) or another search results page, ran by another search engine…. Also as with any virus I have random pop ups…

I cant run a Clean Disk or get a back up point for back up and restore.

Using various progammes Avast being quite prominant, in that it is the only one that has picked up that there are multiple Trojans (they seem to be attached to Windows Live) I have found the Virus' but cannot remove them. I am hesitant to pay cash to have viruses removed by other programmes as I dont want to be scammed out of cash...

So essentially the problem is Pop Ups, Updates, for Windows and AVG (and other anti virul progrmmes being blocked), and random web links, being broken and diverted.....

Any ideas as to how I can get rid of this?

Hello isism1,

We need to either get the thread moved to the Virus area or you need to copy & paste your text and create a thread in the Virus Area, you'll be able to get help and advice there.

Good Luck, Viruses are very annoying......


I have done this n ow, thank you :)

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