Hi there, I need to buy a new netbook for my sister. She isn't IT so I don't need a super expensive and powerful machine, she will just use it for word processing and browse the internet.
Does anybody have any suggestion at all? I myself have a samsung nc10 netbook with win xp and to be honest I found it quite good, so size-wise I guess it will have to be the same as the nc10.
I wanted to get her a Dell but I seem to understand that Dell doesn't produce netbooks anymore (I really wanted to get her the dell duo).
Any advice's much appreciated

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Just about any device out there is going to satisfy the office productivity apps and browsing.

More importantly, you may want to consider looking what are the warranty and support options provided by the different laptop vendors. The main reason is that, in my opinion, support is key for those who are not to computer techie. Your sister is going to need to have access to support when she runs into issues with the device.


thanks JorgeM. As far as support is concerned, it shouldn't be a problem really because if she has an issue I can log in remotely and fix it for her, so I am not too worries about that. There are 2 things instead that I am not sure about:
1)Whether it is better to buy it online or in the shop
2)which model is less likely to have problems. Let me explain. My parents some time ago bought a Asus laptop, and it turned up that it has problems with monitor, with overheating etc etc. I know that's not a netbook, but different brands have different issues, so I was hoping to get an idea of what brand I should avoid


When it comes to shop vs online I would check prices. It can go either way. I have purchased quite a bit online. Haven't had any bad experiences when going with a reputable brand. I tend to go with HP laptops and desktops. I find that their service has been good and their components are solid.

It could also be that because of the experiences I had had with their enterprise class products, I've stuck with them on the consumer side.

Also had pretty good luck with many dell products. Outside of those two, I've stayed away from other vendors.


I just specced out a new laptop for my brother. We settled on an Asus K53. Here in Winnipeg (Canada) the price was $548. Depending on where you are you might get it cheaper. It looks like a sweet machine for the $. Also a great warranty.


rev ,she's looking for a netbook 10.2"there about ,not a notebook ,good old Canadian price though on that Asus notebook

the way I see it if your Samsung is working greate for you why not get a Samsung for here , my daughter uses a Acer 1[225.00 Canadian last September ] for classes [university ]not sure how often ,but its a year old and no problems yet

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