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Could you explain me what a Keylogger is, how that kind of software works and how a user can protect from such program?

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keylogger is a program that tracking and saving keyboard stroke without the user knowledge. to prevent this install antivirus and update it regularly. its solved your problem.


A keylogger is generally considered as malware because it is a program that runs as a service in the background, typically unknown to the user that is using the computer. A keylogger program's purpose is to record the user's keystrokes on the keyboard (and some programs will record a screenshot of what the user is seeing in the display).

The keylogger program can store this information on the computer for later retrieval, or some keylogger programs periodically send the information back to a central source, where a malicious attacker can then read the contents that were collected.

To protect from a keylogger, you should be careful as to not install software on your computer that is from an untrusted source. Be careful not to visit websites that you do not trust. Do not plug in untrusted USB and other media sticks into your computer.

Run antimalware programs on your computer, keep your computer up to date with the latest patches and hotfixes.


A so called Keylogger is a computer monitoring software that allows to controll and monitor everything that happens on a computer. The Keylogger runs secretely and hidden in the background without beeing noticed by the user and records every key that is pressed. That way it is possible to spy on every Email or Facebook Password and record every chat conversation. The Keylogger will also record every website that the user visits on the internet. All the logged data can be sent to an email adress on a regular basis, so allowing to monitor the computer remotely without having to come back to that pc

There is no 100% protection agains Keyloggers. I recommend the following:

  1. Surf on the internet only on a restricted user account
  2. Change your password to Email and Bank and Facebook and so on... on a regular basis (like every 3 months.

Then you should be relatively protected.

There is also the possibility to use so called anti Keylogger software. That software tries to fool keyloggers by manipulating the keystrokes in some way or the other or using some kind of virtual keyboard. But even with anti keylogger software you will not be 100% save. Not all Keyloggers can be fooled by such method, an example is Wolfeye Keylogger that can be downloaded from Chip Online.

Falko keylogger

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Could you explain me what a Keylogger is

A background program than catches and logs keystrokes.

how that kind of software works

It's not especially difficult to intercept keystroke messages, log them, and then pass them on to the intended destination.

how a user can protect from such program?

I assume we're talking about malware and not legitimate keyloggers. If that's the case then you'd protect yourself from keyloggers the way you'd protect yourself from malware in general: firewalls and anti-malware, installing regular updates, safe usage practices, and strong passwords that change often.

Keylogger-specific defenses can get awkward on a PC, such as using a software keyboard instead of a hardware keyboard.


deceptikon, what would be a legitimate keylogger, can you explain what you mean? Are there some keyloggers that you would not classify as malware?


deceptikon, what would be a legitimate keylogger, can you explain what you mean?

Parental control comes to mind, as does corporate activity monitoring, auditing for data entry employees, real-time system recording for backup and replay, and any number of research applications. Moral implications aside, these are all legitimate and legal uses of a keylogger.


Keylogger is a software mostly for hacking the people what they are trying to do your lap ...it will note the keywords what you are entered if the keylogger is turned on...so guys please make sure when typing the passwords please check whether the keylogger is turn on at the time of using frineds or strangers lap or system


Hi all, I have been testing some of those software. There are a lot of Keyloggers that can be downloaded from CNET and Chip Online, so in my view trustfull downloads and obviously no illegal software...

After testing I must say I now understand. Sorry for the silly question. And I must say, that a keylogger is quite a very usefull tool. Not always, but there are situations that you could really use such software.

I now stayed with the keylogger that falkopartey mentioned: Wolfeye Keylogger (download from CNET or Chip Online). Very easy to use for me, even though I am no expert. And runs very stable.

Thanks all!

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Hi Anna, yes that is a very stable Keylogger that is very easy to use. The program is really usefull, I I often use it myself :)

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