My computer takes very long to shutdown about 8 minutes when i played games. If i didnt play games it is a bit faster but still takes about 6 minutes to shut down.

It didnt do this till recently....

My pc specs:
CPU: Intel core i7 8 cores at 1.73 GHz
System type: 64 bit
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium Service pack 1
Hardrive: 581 GB

Computer: Laptop, Dell inspiron n5010

How can i fix this?

I have tried CCleaner, and it didnt work.

It could be some residual service still running that's part of the game.
Check the Task Manager to see if there's something that uses a lot of CPU and/or memory.

rtemove the softwares which are not to be used permenantly and clear the temp through %temp% this in Run and press enter to see the temp files delete all the files which are available and ping me back i will have some more tips lets try after this

It had something to do with the registry keys. I just had to change the value and now it is working fine.

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