hi frenz i tried makin use of my moderm so as for it to connect in bothe my main OS WHICH is intalled on my computer an the guest os (vmware windowserever 2008) to connect simultaneously, but isnt working. when i pluge in my moderm an if am in the vmware eniroment it connects only to the vmware enviroment alone...and if i unplug the moderm from the usb port, and pluge it back again, and if am in the main OS which is installed on my computer it only connect to the main OS which is installed on my computer....i need ur help pls pls

You may consider buying a router that you can connect directly to the modem so that you remove this layer of connectivity from each computer. A router with switch ports will allow you to have multiple VM guests on the network and each with access to the network and Internet at the same time.