Basically what happened was i was cleaning my computer keyboard and i must of hit something, cause the start menu just popped up randomly and when i press "p" for example it opens projector settings, r is run, so on, it doesn't type the letter it performs the action, Have i got a virus or not? and randomly it just does this" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>" or "/////////" in a chat box or whatever i type in?

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Have i got a virus or not?

No. Not a virus.

Your keyboard "cleaning" probably resulted in a few stuck keys including the "Win" key that triggers other shortcuts or "Hotkeys."
Hotkey List

You can verify this by trying a different keyboard.

Cheers :)


Thanks, I've taken the batterys out and it seems to work fine.

Also 2 of my googlemail accounts were tried to be gained access too, by intruders, one of them i never use anymore and it has like 1 game on it, how did the intruder get my password & email if i haven't used the email in like 6 months. How did an intruder (2 different ppl) get my passwords to either of them? I scanned with MalwareBytes and its clean.


Well, having your email account (say I received email from you, or in a chain letter), provides me with half of the equation. Say, you have a gmail account. I can just go to the gmail login page and try to access your account. If you have a weak password, it will take a person less time to have access.

its also possbile that you have a rootkit installed on your system and its not being detected by anti-malware. The fix could be with software if it detects it, but If this is the case, I prefer the wipe and with a clean OS.



i never recieved a new windows 7 disc with my computer, and factory resetting wont work?
What shall i do?


Also 2 of my googlemail accounts were tried to be gained access too, by intruders,

my question is how do you know this ,and how do you get a game on your email accct


i have a game registered to my email.
And i know because gmail sent me a "unknown" location warning

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