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My wife and I are both using HP Pavillion dv6-3033 laptops, 2 yrs old,with lots of free memory, Windows 7 Home premium
We both began getting interuptions to our Internet Explorer connection about a month ago
Tried both Internet Explorer 8 & 9 but no difference
Message comes on screen " Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working " and " Windows Is Trying to Find A Solution ", which it never does
Then Internet Explorer reconnects
Later stops again
Then restarts, etc, etc
We sometimes lose the site we were on and sometimes not
We use Malwarebytes to root out spyware and newest Norton antivirus/anti spyware defense
Installed and used SpeedMax to clean out junk and repair
Problem continues
I have to use Internet Explorer to access some websites training programs
Otherwise Firefox is my default browser

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So, this doesn't happen with Firefox? I assume you are using Norton in on-access-scan mode? This may interfer with IE if IE thinks it is taking too long to access some web content or load necessary ActiveX controls, dll's, etc. Try disabling that feature temporarily to see if that makes your problem disappear. If so, you might try another AV product.


Hi I have had this problem for some time and thinking it was an issue with my router I have been persistantly phoning my service provider threatning to leave there service etc..
Until one of there technicians asked what web browser I used and I said internet explorer he suggested i change to firefox or Google chrome as they are more stable browsers which I have.......Problem solved ....

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