hi I have a question regarding my situation in our LAN,
when I ping local address by hostname (to any computer) (I'm using
it result in stange ip, even though after I check in the other pc the address is in 192.168 range.
but if I ping using its real IP address it still connecting. (so right now to communicate with other computer I use IP address instead host name).
my configuration is:
- using AD server 2008, static IP.
- all windows client.
- two pc as internet gateway, one microtic, one pfsense.
anyone know how to fix this?

1) Do you ping by name or by full fqdn. In MS, serve1 is different than server1.domain.com.
2) Do you have WINS enabled on any host(s)?
3) HAve you checked local hosts file?
4) Have you checked lnhosts file?

Run nslookup and ping the name what do you get?
Netbios had its own command line lookup which I can't remember right now, something like NBTSTAT.
Trying to isolate DNS vs NetBios resolution here.