my PC was installed a software which is developed by China telecom, I don't want it at all, and maybe it can scan my PC. but I can't remove or delete it. I try to open my PC in safe mode, and delete it, but it seems that I don't deleted it at all. now no matter in safe or normal mode, I was not allowed to delete it. pls see the picture attached and help me delete it.

this is the software in my control panel

this is the picture when I delete it.

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Sometimes you have to do this the hard way:

  1. Remove all binaries and directories for the "tool".
  2. Remove all registry entries for it.
  3. Reboot, and see if it re-installs itself.

If in #3 it re-installs itself, then you have more work to do. This may not be simple, and certainly a terrible waste of your time, but necessary.


thank you all for the input, I remove it by reinstalling the sysytem.

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