here's what i've got -

in sharepoint i've added the 'page view' web part that displays the contents of a network share on the page using \server\share\folder

here's what i need -

each user that logs into our domain has their 'documents' folder redirected to a server share.

how do i display each users document folder in sharepoint that is relevent to the user that is logged into sharepoint?

i've tried these -

this has not worked, help!

Here's an idea off the top of my head.

Just like the MS 'home' directories, Microsoft's 'best practices' states that you should share out the 'home' folder, then protect all the individual subfolders belonging to users with NTFS permissions.


You would share out \servername\home
Each subfolder would be setup such that each user had RW access and that's it.

I would guess you have a similiar structure for your documents folders. You could use the same 'best practice' guide and have sharepoint mount the \servername\documents\ folder for everyone. Sure, everyone would have to find their names in the list to get to their documents, but it solves your sharepoint issue immediately.

What i have done in the past and suceeded was to Perform regular file archival and purge as necessary any network drives not in use.